Quiz! Test your knowledge of human and pet food from USA and China!

Healthy Pet QuizPet parents have legitimate concerns over pet treats from China.  The FDA has been investigating 5600 reports of illness and death related to chicken jerky and yam treats from popular brands.   While China has been in the news recently, pet parents also may be concerned about the vast majority of products manufactured in the USA.

Test your knowledge of what the FDA allows in regards to both human and pet food by taking the 10 question quiz below.  Compare your knowledge to others by clicking on the “Vote” button after each question.  Get all the answers at the end of this quiz.  Good luck!


Q1.  Answer:  C.  “USA Made” does not indicate the source of ingredients.  As long as the processing (e.g. mixing of ingredients) takes place in the USA, the product may be called USA Made.  In this example, a manufacturer may mix peas from China with and carrots from Thailand and call it USA Made.  There is no Country Of Origin Labeling (“COOL”) requirement in the USA for processed foods.

Q2.  Answer:  C. Melamine, a toxic substance derived from petroleum, was the culprit in the largest recall in US history.  60 million packages of pet food were recalled.

Q3.  Answer:  B. The USDA and FDA redirected the recalled toxic pet food to hog farms.  Many of the hogs were later destroyed (and possibly processed back into pet food.)  About 56,000 hogs that ate the melamine tainted pet food were processed into pork products and sold in supermarkets.

Q4.  Answer:  B. In 2012 pet food imports from China reached 95 million pounds (up from 55 million pounds in 2007).  Melamine continues to be found in Chinese pet food imports.

Q5.  Answer: A.  Less than 2% of human food imports to the USA are inspected by the FDA.

Q6.  Answer:  D.  Between 2001 and 2008 the FDA inspected less than six Chinese food firms per year.  More recent data puts that number closer to 13 annually.  Read more at Food and Water Watch.

Q7.   Answer: C.  Food that is filthy (e.g. decomposed, putrid or containing feces, insects, hair or dirt) or contaminated with banned substances (e.g. melamine, carcinogens, etc.) are the two most frequent causes of rejection according to a 2009 FDA study.

Q8. Answer:  A. True.  The FDA violates the Food, Drug and Cosmetic  Act by allowing unfit and hazardous substances to be sold as “food” for animals.   Get the facts on the FDA Compliance Policies. 

Q9.  Answer: D. One billion people, 80% of China’s population fear their food. Excessive pesticides, illegal additives, diseased livestock , and “gutter oil”, are their primary concerns.

Q10.  Answer:  F.  All the above.  Nestle Purina operates 21 factories in China and has a majority stake in over a dozen Chinese companies.  Kraft (owner of Cadbury) and Mars both make candy in China; the US imported 71 million pounds of China’s candy in 2013.  PepsiCo is one of the largest potato growers in China, to make their Lays brand potato chips.  They’re committed to investing an additional $2.5 billion to bring its total operations in China to at least 26 beverage and food plants and 10 farms.  Tyson, Cargill, Pilgrim’s Pride, Kraft Foods, Keystone, Monsanto, the National Pork Producers Council and American Meat Institute — have all lined up to pressure the government to open trade channels with China specifically as it relates to the importation of chicken and pork.  Read more from Food and Water Watch.  Get the stats for yourself on USDA.gov.

Bonus Question.  Answer:  A. True.  Formaldehyde (a tissue preservative in medical laboratories and an embalming fluid in mortuaries) is indeed permitted in pet food.  For more information visit: http://truthaboutpetfood.com/formaldehyde-in-pet-foods

About Amy Renz

Amy is the CEO and Pack Leader of Goodness Gracious, LLC (www.GoodnessGraciousTreats.com) and we save lives. We make healthy 100% human-grade, USDA certified, USA sourced dog and cat treats, and give 51% of our profits to local animal shelters, rescues and spay/neuter programs in communities where our treats are sold. Our products include single-ingredient jerky and gluten free biscuits that pets love, and parents love to give. Amy is a Marathoner, a slalom skier, but first a parent to her pack of three beautiful canines. Find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/goodnessgracioustreats www.GoodnessGraciousTreats.com www.run4rescue.org Twitter @Goodnssgracious
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    Great information on pet food! I love that you provide the answers along with the quiz. There were a lot of questions i didn’t know and I learned a lot. Thank you for sharing.

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